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How a childhood hobby helped pianist Vladimir Tiagunov find his calling

The theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) proposes that human potential has a wider range than just IQ. As per Harvard psychologist, Dr. Howard Gardner, there are eight different intelligences, one of which is musical intelligence. However, very few children with the special gift of musical intelligence pursue their innate potential more than just a hobby. Internationally recognized and award-winning pianist Vladimir Tiagunov found his calling early on in life. Encouraged and taught the first lessons of piano by his father, Vladimir gave his first piano recital at his music school in Russia at the age of nine.

A die-hard fan of classical music, the young pianist has not just won a series of international music awards but is often invited as a jury member at International Music Competitions like Manolov International Music Competition, Long Island Conservatory Soloist Competition and International Piano Competition at Gould Academy.

Born in September, 1989 in Temirtau, Russia, Vladimir Borisovich Tiagunov was introduced to the basic principles of playing piano at an early age of six. His father, an engineer by profession but a music enthusiast, enrolled little Vladimir at the Children's Music School in Nizhny Tagil. The music school was just a stepping stone of a long educational journey in music for Vladimir. He attended the Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts (Russia), in the class of the most Honored Artist of Russia, Professor Yevgeny Levitan.

In 2013, he earned a Master of Arts Degree with Honors and moved to the United States the next year. Under the guidance of Professor Tamara Poddubnaya, Vladimir graduated the Artist Diploma program from the Long Island Conservatory of Music (LICM), Albertson, New York in the year 2016.

"Music has always been fascinating to me because music is a language that doesn't need words to convey our feelings. Music expresses our emotions in a way that words cannot describe," says the pianist fond of playing "Appassionata" by Beethoven, "Wanderer Fantasy" by Schubert amongst various other classics in his solo outings and concerts.

Vladimir's musical expedition is full of awards and accolades. At the age of 20, Vladimir won first prize in the International Music Competition "21st Century Art" in Kiev, Ukraine in 2010. He bagged the "Winner of the category "Musical Art" title in the "Young Talents of Russia" competition held in Moscow, Russia in 2012. In 2015, he won the Grand Prix in the 11th LISMA International Music Competition. The year 2016, presented Vladimir with a Gold Medal and special prize for the 'Best Piano Technique' in the Forte International Competition in Carnegie Hall apart from First Prize in International Piano Competition "Music without Borders" at Gould Academy 2016. In the subsequent year, he was recognized as the Top Performer in the 13th LISMA International Music Competition, New York.

Since 2016, Vladimir has grown from being a soloist and chamber musician, to a teacher giving piano lessons to future pianists. The 29-year-old has been honoured with Certificate of Excellence for extraordinary dedication to the field of Music Education and outstanding student achievement at the Forte International Music Competition (Carnegie Hall, 2019).

The story of Vladimir Tiagunov puts the spotlight on how parents must identify and nurture their child's talent, irrespective of whether it is academic or other than that. Children in our society are often judged only on the basis of their linguistic and mathematical/reasoning skills. It's time we let them follow their passion and build on their inborn talent!

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