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Visakhapatnam: Covid-19 survivors share their best practices

Visakhapatnam: Being quarantined for days is no mean task as Covid-19 patients need to deal with mounting stress, boredom, infection fears and stigma.

But a few Covid-19 survivors say that engaging oneself positively is the key. In a departure from the traditional ways to escape stigmatisation associated with the pandemic, they come forward to share best practices among family members, relatives and friends.

Discussing what they had endured is no longer a taboo as they volunteer to help others put up a collective fight against the pandemic. From diet to herb-infused concoctions, sanitising the groceries to sun-drying the onions, mindful eating to reciting slokas and reading books, coronavirus-survivors share what they did to recover from the infection.

When K Rakesh Reddy, Visakhapatnam-based writer, tested positive for coronavirus, he decided to stay with his friend who's also infected with the virus. "Consuming a balanced diet, steam-inhaling every half-an-hour once, gulping down immunity boosters at regular intervals, munching a handful of dry fruits and practicing breathing exercises turned out to be helpful. But above all, we learnt how to overcome negative emotions by engaging ourselves in things we enjoyed doing the most," he explains.

Sharing tips to overcome fear during self-isolation, Rakesh Reddy adds, "The first thing we did was to shut away from the news channels that had a negative impact on us and tune into the OTT platforms, comedy shows, 'Alitho Saradaga' and other programmes for a good dose of entertainment."

The coronavirus survivors say that fear is one factor that keeps haunting those in self-isolation. "More than the infection itself, I think, it is the fear that needs to be fought against. When I was in home isolation, I ventured into meditation, recitation of slokas such as 'Aditya Hridayam' and flipped through good books. A positive frame of mind works wonders along with the medicines prescribed. I guess, my approach towards the infection helped me recover fast," says K Prasanna Kumar, who runs a wealth management firm.

Further, Kumar says the seasoning box in the kitchen has therapeutic properties and the trick lies in using the ingredients for immunity boosters.

Another Covid-19 survivor insists on sanitising the veggies brought from the markets before storing them in the refrigerator. "Except onions, shift the vegetables to a water-filled tub by adding rock salt and turmeric powder to it. Leave them for a while. Discard the water and wash them thoroughly before drying them off on a towel. Onions can be sun-dried. This, we have been following for over six months now. If corona had any positive impact on me, it made me quit smoking and drinking," a survivor told The Hans India.

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