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Through SEO, how agencies helped brands to increase their ROI via organic channels

The purpose of each business is to get the best returns on every penny that they have invested and the same is referred to as Return on Investment or ROI. The ROI is in fact the prime evaluator of performance for traditional businesses, which were created to generate profits and wealth for their shareholders. However, last few decades we witnessed the growth of Venture Capitalists-backed organizations that wanted to hack growth and more focus was provided to quick growth, sometimes even at the cost of sacrificing profits. I term this as the era of valuation-driven businesses.

Now many of these valuation businesses have gone public or are expected to go public soon and the age-old key performance indicator of profitability comes back even for these businesses because that is one of the major factors for enhancing the valuation of a business in a stock market.

These businesses have started to unlearn quickly and adapt the way to get high returns. One of the preferred channels that they are being driven to is organic search. Organic search visits are driven on a website by enhancing the ranking of the site on search engines like Google. For example,if you search for a keyword, let say "Online shopping" & when the site Myntra comes on the top of the page you will click on this result and visit this website.

These top rankings are driven by a process called search engine optimization (SEO), several analysts are working each day to ensure that the top rankings for each of the thousands of relevant keywords are enhanced and maintained.

The foremost step in this regard is making the website of a business or brand compliant with the different norms, standards and algorithms as defined by search platforms like Google. It is on the basis of our years of experience that we at first identify the areas of improvement and start making the required changes on the backend. The target herein to incorporate the right SEO content and strategy so that the Google ranking of the website is improved enough to make it to the top three for important and relevant keywords.

By leveraging the right SEO tools and knowledge of search engine algorithms, we have driven growth for brands like Myntra, ICICI Prudential, among others. Organic Search helps these brands register exceptional ROI. For instance, an ROI of 30,000% was clocked for one of our eCommerce clients for whom we have been doing SEO for several years now. For another Footwear eCommerce, we were able to increase the ROI from 50% to 2,000% in a span of 18 months.

While adopting the right SEO methodologies organically boost, online visits, increase clickability and spike conversion ratio, achieving such numbers also helps businesses prove their mission statement to be true.

These high ROIs from one channel help the CMOs and the marketing leadership team improve their overall marketing ROI. Usually, the ROI's from the digital paid advertisement on Google, Facebook, etc. would be on an average ~500% for most of the industries specified above. However when organic search provides an average of ~10,000% the overall ROI improves.

There are several other industries like BFSI, IT, etc, where the ROI is not easily available since most of the lead capturing happens online while the conversion is offline. Even in such cases, the implementation of best SEO practices that are recommended by Google and other search engines helps businesses reduce the cost per visit to almost 1/20th of the cost from other channels.

By leveraging this channel, we help businesses significantly improve their return on ad spend via organic search. It would not be an exaggeration of facts to state that as a strategy and data-driven SEO provider, entities like us help businesses usher in a sort of digital transformation, which come with several added benefits as well. Such digital transformations of businesses and brands across different sectors lead to the creation of diverse and increased job opportunities. We can see more and more people making a shift toward being digital marketers, and it is driven by nothing but the rapid digital transformations. There are many people who earlier worked in BPOs or other similar organisations, but acquired skills to survive and grow in the newly evolved ecosystem. Lest we forget, this growth of businesses, as well as individuals, eventually leads to the digital transformation of a nation.

The aforementioned facts pretty much explain how agencies providing SEO services help brands increase their ROI via organic channels.

Authored article by Kaushal Thakkar, Founder & MD, Infidigit.

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