Kia Carens Third Row Space & Comfort: The Most Impressive Part Of The Carens?

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We set out to find answers to these questions when we received the Kia Carens for the first- drive review. We set out to find answers to these questions when we received the Kia Carens for the first- drive review .

Our detailed first- drive review is already out, however, the third- row space and seating deserved a separate article.

The Indian automobile market is one of the largest and most vibrant in the world.

We have all categories of vehicles in the Indian market and in each category, there are several vehicles competing for the top spot.

The MUV/ MPV segment is no different. There are many products in the segment vying for the top spot.

MUVs are generally bought by those who require a vehicle for family usage and that more often than not means there will be passengers in the third row.

Third- row space and comfort therefore is very important and it is easy to see why.

However, not many MUVs out there offer a lot in terms of comfort for third- row passengers. It is often cramped and the seating position is weird to say the least.

At the end of a long journey, third row passengers are left with aches in various joints and this is not a good thing.

This is where the Kia Carens is very different compared to the rest.

The second row in the MPV either features two captain seats or a bench seat depending on the variant chosen.

These seats can be adjusted to move forwards and backwards, recline and they also come with the tumble feature.

This tumble feature is extremely useful and practical and makes things much easier for third- row passengers. Let's start with getting into the third row.

The right-hand side captain seat has a manually- operated lever for the tumble- down function. The left- hand- side seat though has a one- touch electric tumble- down feature.

This electric tumble- down feature comes in handy especially when passengers in the third- row desire for the seat to fold down.

When tumbled down, there is a lot of room for adults to get to the rear.

Once in the back, the sheer space is pretty surprising. Two adults can fit in the third row comfortably, even with the second- row seats pushed all the way back.

The space in the third row is not just the best in class, but is the best in a couple of segments above too. It puts some large SUVs to shame as well.

Super impressive indeed.

If that wasn't good enough, it gets better. The third row of seats has the recline function and even gets adjustable headrests.

Each passenger in the third row gets a dedicated overhead AC vent that is adjustable for airflow and direction of airflow.

Each passenger also gets a Type- C smartphone charging slot and a phone/ tablet holder along with a cupholder. The seats can be folded/ erected in various configurations as well, making the Carens one of the most practical vehicles we've come across in recent times .

Thoughts On Kia Carens Third- Row Seats, Space & Comfort The Kia Carens is a very impressive car indeed.

It gets lots of features, looks imposing, and brings with it a few great engine and gearbox options.

However, the most impressive bit about the MUV is without a doubt, the space in the third- row. You have to sit in it to experience it.

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