Daimler AG Is Now Mercedes- Benz AG: Here's What Happened & How It Will Affect Buyers

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Daimler AG is now Mercedes- Benz AG. In a landmark move, Daimler AG has rebranded itself as Mercedes- Benz AG.

Daimler was the parent company of Mercedes- Benz cars and is one of the most well-known car and truck manufacturers in the world. Click here

to get Latest Updates on Cars & Bikes Now on, it will just be known as Mercedes- Benz AG.

Daimler AG's subsidiaries include Mercedes- Benz, Mercedes- AMG, Mercedes- Maybach, and Smart. It also has stakes in Daimler Truck.

A year ago, the company announced that its trucks business would be spun off into a separate entity named Daimler Trucks. This move was aimed at pleasing shareholders.

Well, it sure did please the stakeholders as Daimler Trucks recently had a successful debut on the stock market.

The idea behind moving the trucks to a separate entity was to rebrand Daimler into Mercedes- Benz, a cars and vans- only manufacturer.

Today, 02 February 2022 is that landmark day in the brand's long and storied history.

According to the company, the rebranding will allow it to fully concentrate on Mercedes- Benz models, and the electrification thereof.

Mercedes- Benz has been on a roll in recent times with respect to electric vehicles.

The brand launched the EQ brand and now, Mercedes- Benz AG will concentrate on the EQ models.

Mercedes- Benz has so far launched an assortment of electric vehicles. The range includes the EQA and EQB electric crossovers, then comes the EQC SUV and the EQE sedan.

Further up in the portfolio is the EQV electric van and at the top of the line is the EQS limousine.

There are a few other launches in the pipeline including the EQG off- road SUV.

Mercedes- Benz is looking to introduce more electric models under the now rebranded mothership - Mercedes- Benz AG. The interesting bit about Mercedes- Benz's electric vehicle lineup is that the vehicles closely emulate their petrol- powered counterparts in the company's lineup .

The brand is now focusing on electric vehicles and the vision for the future is clear - clean & green mobility.

The rebranding is also expected to increase the valuation of the brand, which currently stands at 77 Billion Euros ( Over Rs 6, 51,815 crore).

The stakeholders definitely seem happy about the move and this rebranding is expected to give the company a more premium image.

Ola Kallenius, the chairman of Mercedes- Benz AG was quoted as saying, "" The renaming to Mercedes- Benz Group AG underlines our renewed strategic focus.

In doing so, we want to make clear where we see the core of our company - building the most desirable cars in the world."

He went on to say, " The Mercedes star has always been a promise for the future: Changing the present in order to improve it.

We want to continue this legacy of our founders by taking the lead in electric mobility and vehicle software."

Mercedes- Benz AG will replace Daimler AG. None of this is expected to interfere with consumers and their purchasing .

Thoughts On Daimler AG Being Rebranded As Mercedes- Benz AG Mercedes- Benz is one of the most iconic car brands in the history of the automobile.

The name Daimler AG was also just as iconic, especially in the European market.

However, given that the Mercedes- Benz name is known not just in the European market but across the globe, the rebranding makes sense.

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