Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Vig Wants To Continue His Relationship With Soundarya Sharma But On THIS Condition
Bigg Boss 16 goes hand in hand with controversies and there are no second thoughts about it. Each episode has been coming up with a new twist in the game which has managed to leave the audience intrigued.
Interestingly, when Gautam Vig was eliminated from the popular reality show, it changed the game in the house. To recall, Gautam was nominated with Soundarya Sharma, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot.
Ever since Gautam has been evicted, he has been making shocking revelations about the contestants and his journey on Bigg Boss 16. Gautam Vig And Soundarya Sharma Find Love In Each Other
For the uninitiated, Gautam was one of the most talked about contestants on the show and was seen making headlines for his growing proximity with Soundarya. The two had found love in each other in the show.
Although their bond was touted to be fake, they were seen having each other's back through thick and thin in the house.
Gautam's Elimination Broke Soundarya's heart
However, when Gautam was eliminated from Bigg Boss 16, Soundarya was heartbroken. The actress was seen crying inconsolably as Gautam walked out of the house and was even seen missing him later.
Gautam Reveals Which Quality Of Soundarya Won His Heart
As Gautam has been quite vocal about his journey on the show, he was all praises for Soundarya Sharma.
When quizzed about which quality of Soundarya won her heart, he stated, " The best part about her is that I knew she is the kind of a girl who can correct me if I am going wrong anywhere and can turn my weaknesses into my strengths".
He also emphasised that Soundarya is real, desi and caring at heart.
Gautam Shares His Condition To Carry His Relationship With Soundarya After Bigg Boss 16
Interestingly, there have been frequent questions about his plans to continue his relationship with Soundarya post Bigg Boss 16. To this, he said, " Of course, why not ' yaar.' I have fought so much then why not". However, he has a condition.
Gautam explained, " It depends on how Soundarya is going to behave in the house when I am not there. I am outside so I can't really do much. When she's out, we'll see how things are going ahead because that's the world we have to stay in".
Gautam Admitted That He Wanted Soundarya To Get Eliminated
Meanwhile, Gautam has also made a shocking statement as he revealed that he wanted Soundarya to get eliminated last weekend. He stated that Soundarya wasn't happy in the house and wasn't keeping well.
"She was emotionally stressed seeing what was happening in the house. Kahi na kahi, I was wishing for the same ( her elimination) because it was affecting her health. I am used to all of this and I don't get affected by these things.
I was expecting someone between Tina and Soundarya to be out," he added.
Soundarya Sharma Nominated Eliminations
On the other hand, Soundarya Sharma has been nominated for elimination this week as well. She has been nominated along with MC Stan, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Archana Gautam and Ankit Gupta.
It will be interesting to see if she will manage to escape the eliminations this week.
By Ranpreet Kaur Filmibeat source: Dailyhunt