5 Ways To Style Your Turtleneck Tee
The cold- weather staple has proven its versatility by appearing almost everywhere this season, from the street style scene to the red carpet.
The turtleneck provides an undeniable sense of class, isn't it?
It goes well with your office look - your cocktail look - and even something as simple as a grocery shopping!
1. Add a splash of colour If you would like to take a neutral look to the next level, you can add a neon turtleneck to it.
The pop of colourful piece will be the centrepiece of your outfit without being too overpowering.
Just keep in mind to wear muted/ dark colours with the neon turtleneck to give the outfit a well- rounded lewk!
2. Pair it with your dress If your outfit isn't quite cutting it when it comes to warmth, add a turtleneck.
A solid- coloured turtleneck under overalls or a dress adds an extra layer of style and comfort!
Apparently, this was made big by the NYFW 2022!
A turtleneck can be an excellent addition to this simple ensemble.
combination of necklines - a collar and something high - makes for a classic fall outfit.
An oversized turtleneck is a style. The can be paired with tights or boots to get that cozy, classy street- style fit.
A turtleneck dress is A a fall staple for a reason.
You can achieve a sweet but laid- back vibe by pairing chunky boots with white sneakers and socks.
turtle neck t- shirt is an essential piece of clothing for both men and women, and with the temperature dropping, it is the perfect time to pull out the high necks!
Instead of pairing it with plain and boring clothes, try these!
By Amritha K Boldsky source: boldsky.com Dailyhunt