What is SOVA Virus and How to Keep Money Safe From SOVA and Other Mobile Malware?
The SOVA Virus?
SOVA is a virus capable of inserting false overlays into various apps. This enables the virus to imitate over 200 banking and payment apps.
It is a mobile banking virus that only affects Android devices.
Previously, the virus was mostly found in countries such as the United States, Russia, and others.
However, it has spread to a number of other countries, including India, since July 2022.
How does it work?
This malware steals users' credentials when they log into their net banking apps and access their bank accounts.
How to keep money safe from SOVA and other mobile malware?
- Download apps only from reputable and official app stores such as the Google Play Store, the app store of your device's manufacturer, or the app store of your operating system.
- Users should always look over the app's details, download count, user reviews, comments, and additional information section.
- App permissions should also be verified and granted only if they are relevant to the app's purpose.
- Don't let Android updates and security patches pass you by.
By Ajeeta Bhatia Goodreturns source: goodreturns.in Dailyhunt