ITR - What are the reasons under which a tax refund gets delayed?
While some of you may have already received your tax refund, others may still be waiting.
There could be several reasons for this, including a mistake on your part or a delay in the I-T department.
If you have not yet received your tax refund, you should first check the status of the refund online at or the National Securities Depository Limited ( NSDL) e- governance website
approve the correct bank account number or other bank information when filing their income tax return ( ITR).
As a result, before filing your ITR, double- check the bank account information. Additional documentation/ information is required.
One of the most common reasons for refunds not being issued is the requirement for additional documentation or information.
You may have overlooked some information when filing your ITR.
Check to see if your ITR has been processed by the tax department.
The income tax department has processed your income tax return.
You will not receive a refund if the income tax department believes there is no tax refund if the tax department confirms that you are eligible for one after processing your tax refund pending.
How to Check income tax refund status
1) Visit 2) Enter your PAN and the appropriate assessment year.
3) Next, enter the captcha and press the ' Submit' button. 4) A message will appear on your screen depending on the status of your refund.
What should you do to receive your tax refund?
If you have filed your income tax return but have not received your tax refund within a reasonable time, first determine whether you verified your income tax return online or offline.
ITR submission is incomplete and will not be processed until it is e- verified.
If your ITR V has not yet been verified, you have until the end of the month to do so.
The I-T Department provides five platforms for ITR verification: net banking, bank ATMs, Aadhaar, bank accounts, and demat accounts.
By Ajeeta Bhatia Goodreturns source: Dailyhunt