Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare To Become The New Master Mind Of The Mandali Post Sajid Khan's Exit?
Bigg Boss 16 never fails to surprise the audience.
As the popular reality show is just a month away from its grand finale, three contestants were seen bidding adieu to the BB house this weekend - Sreejita De, Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik.
Sajid and Abdu's elimination has certainly left everyone in the show.
In fact, it has come as a game changer for the mandali which is now left with Shiv Thakare, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and MC Stan.
Since the beginning of Bigg Boss 16, Shiv Thakare and Sajid Khan have been known for interesting strategies during the tasks.
In fact, Shiv has often been touted to be the mind behind all the planning within the mandali and their game plans.
And looks like he will be taking the lead for all the planning post Sajid Khan's exit.
Shiv Is A Strong Player And Knows The Exact Game Of Bigg Boss
The Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 winner has emerged as one of the strongest contestants on Bigg Boss 16.
He has left a mark with his individuality and impressive game.
In fact, Shiv knows how the Bigg Boss game goes on and knows when to play with his heart and when to strategise things.
Sajid Asked Shiv And Others To Take Care Of Sumbul
Sajid had also guided Shiv Thakare to stay strong in the house. This isn't all.
He even asked him to look after Sumbul Touqeer Khan who has been the youngest contestant on the show.
To note, just like Sajid, Shiv has also been a guide to the Imlie actress and makes sure to protect her.
Sajid Asks Mandali To Have Each Other's Back
While Sajid's exit has left everyone emotional, Sajid Khan also asked the mandali to have each other's back.
Shiv has taken it as an onus to hold the group together and he appears to be giving his best to stay strong in the game and hold Nimrit, Sumbul and MC Stan together which has been a sign of a true leader.
By Ranpreet Kaur Filmibeat source: Dailyhunt