Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Grand Finale: Do You Know The Title Winner's Prize Money?
Bigg Boss Title Winner is a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh. In which 3 lakh got deducted as Kathiravan took it already in the cash bag task.
Strong reports say that Amudhavanan left the Bigg Boss house today with a briefcase worth Rs 13 lakh.
So it will also get deducted and the winner will finally get Rs 34 lakh along with the trophy.
While Vikraman has one- sided support, Aseem is equally strong in the title- winner race.
Aseem's biggest drawback is that he keeps talking down to others and often shouts and cle
those standing in front of him as his daily task. This is the reason why Bigg Boss fans are dissatisfied with him.
In this case, according to the information received so far, it is said that Vikraman is ahead in the Bigg Boss title winner race.
By Saravanan Palanichamy Filmibeat source: Dailyhunt