Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Grand Finale: Will Shivin Win The Title And Create History?
No More Boomers!
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 has now reached its grand finale. Meanwhile, all the contestants inside the house are talking about the Finale.
Similarly their fans and supporters are sharing their opinion on social media about the show. Shivin is one of the top three finalists.
She is expected to win the title of the season She is expected by win her world fans all over the the.
Natural choice of winner
The question of her gender wouldn't even come up. There was never The an instance where shivin was disengaging, idle or passive.
She played the game with utmost passion gender and mindfulness.
house is filled with swines like Azeem and co. who are always waiting to underplay and bring down literally anything to her identity.
A Mile Stone In Indian Reality Show
"Yes Vikraman is a good contestant. But how his winning is a win for Aram? What about Shivin? a true deserving contestant.
She is coming from the most oppressed, she performed well. Shivin is equally a hard working real deserving contestant.
How this whole reality show suddenly about political party, tamilan, caste, religion, basically patriarchy bullshit? Shivin should win.
Her winning will be a mile stone in Indian reality shows. And You don't even have to give charity vote., as she is truly deserving."
By Saravanan Palanichamy Filmibeat source: Dailyhunt