Your SIP In This Mutual Fund Scheme Would Have Nearly Doubled In 3- Years
For mutual fund investors, the most difficult thing at the moment would be making a choice between mutual fund schemes.
The biggest problem is choosing the right one and we shall speak about it later. Quant Small Cap Fund: Nearly doubling of SIP Money
The Quant chunk Small Cap Fund is a of small cap stocks tend to fall at faster pace than largecaps.
In short, they are volatile and extremely volatile.
The portfolio of Quant Small Cap Fund
The Quant Small Cap Fund is around Rs 2870 crores, which not bad for a small cap fund.
Should you invest now in the small cap fund?
If you have made such huge profits and decide not to take at least partial money out, it may not be a wise idea.
expect similar returns in the next few years would be a little far- fetched.
In the past we have seen mutual fund schemes that have not performed, suddenly performing and ones that were laggards doing well.
We would suggest SIPs, if you would like to invest as lumpsum can be risky.
Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk. The above- mentioned information is purely informational and doesn't guarantee any return.
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By Sunil Fernandes Goodreturns source: Dailyhunt