Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Grand Finale: Vikraman's Never Ending Coffee Connect With Shivin!
Coffee With Shivin
Bigg Boss Season 6 has now reached its grand finale. Meanwhile, all the contestants inside the house are talking about the Finale.
Bigg Boss had earlier introduced money bag at home.
Soon after this announcement came out, Kathiravan had said that he was leaving with a bundle of money.
The contestants were saddened by this. After this, a cash box has been introduced inside the Bigg Boss house.
Amudhavanan walked out with it when it reaches Rs 11 lakh 75 thousand.
Did It Taste Like Coffee?
Shivin appreciated Vikraman, who said, " If there is no gain for any work, then the work is in vain."
Vikraman, who continues to talk, says with a smile, " How many times have I given you coffee? How many times have you insulted me?"
Shivin replied, " You have been at home for 106 days. How many times have you made coffee. Did it taste like coffee at least once?"
She asks with a smile.
Draw Nerves In Your Toungue
Then Vikraman says, " Shivin, you are talking without nerves in your tongue."
Shivin says, " It is better to have no nerves in my tongue than to drink the coffee you give."
Vikraman, who keeps talking, says, " Use the ink and draw some nerves in your toungue".
When Shivin heard this, she said, " However, I ask you for coffee so that you don't have to suffer, so please understand my generosity."
By Saravanan Palanichamy Filmibeat source: Dailyhunt