Bigg Boss 16 : 5 Reasons Why Tina Datta Is The Most Stylish Contestant Of Salman Khan's Show
The style game in Colors TV's Bigg Boss 16 amongst the girls has been aced by Uttaran star Tina Datta.
She has raised the fashion bar higher and with every minute detailing that she gives to her looks, we're wondering about the hard work and thought process gone behind it.
Be it earrings, lipstick shades, hairstyles, makeup looks, shoes, glasses, or for now her mic accessories.
In the She Shekar Suman episode, kar Suman episode, Tina loves to keep her outfits matched and carries them with grace and elegance.
Spotted her heart- shaped long earrings and a simple necklace in the recent it's a perfect catch for any family function.
Classy Hair Styles
Tina has tried several hairstyles in Bigg Boss 16 and all of those have been carried by her profusely.
Look at this look, how wonderfully she has equally partitioned her hair with a thin braid pinned in the front.
Bindi, Keeping Up With Her Indianness
Bindis outshines her beauty. And not to forget, she wears them with certain Indian outfits, and it just can't go off fashion.
Matching color outfits and jewellery are what make her look ravishing.
Not To Miss Her Purple Highlights
Tina is someone who knows when to hit the right chord. The actress has expressively revealed her purple highlights in the show.
Not all of her looks will have them visible, but the moment she shows them, it surely steals the show.
Mic Accessories That No One Could Think Of
Bigg Boss mics are an integral part of the show, and Tina has made them stylish.
Look at her mic minutely and you'd see the accessories she's donning them with.
By Aakash Kumar Filmibeat source: Dailyhunt