UPI Payment- How to use UPI without a Debit Card?
UPI for financial transactions is a wise decision. The United Payments Interface ( financialUPI is) wise decision system.
The question of whether we need a debit card for transactions a.
The NCPI realised that without debit cards, individuals who do not own debit cards could not access UPI The payments.
This was especially true for people living in India's rural areas.
NCPI filled this void by introducing new methods for making UPI payments with debit cards.
Can we use UPI without a Debit Card?
UPI can be used without a debit card. Your Aadhaar number will be required, allowing them to make payments using feature phones.
How can we use UPI without Debit Card?
Use the ' Add UPI ID' option in your preferred UPI mobile application.
Remember to select the bank account associated with your Aadhaar number.
- After determining whether your UPI ID is available, create it based on the app's requirements.
- Choose the ' Aadhaar- based verification' option and agree to the terms and conditions.
- To validate your Aadhaar number, enter the first six digits and click ' confirm'.
By Ajeeta Bhatia Goodreturns source: goodreturns.in Dailyhunt