This Small Cap Fund Gave 151 .86 % Returns Over 3- Years
The Bank of India Small Cap Fund mutual fund scheme has given absolute returns of 151 .86 % returns over 3- years.
It has generated 35.53 % annualised returns, which is higher than the category average returns of 27% over same period.
Small fund size yet big returns
Bank of India Small Cap Fund has delivered 184 .30 % absolute returns since inception.
If a person had started a SIP of Rs 10,000 per month for 3 years, the value of the investment would be Rs 5.46 lakhs today.
For the total SIP investment amount for Rs 3.6 lakhs, the growth is of 51.78 per cent.
However, please note that past performance is not indicative of future good returns.
Portfolio constituents
The portfolio includes 94 .6% of equity holdings and remaining is cash.
Its top 4 sector holdings are Construction( 16 .1%), Financials( 15 .3%), Capital Goods( 13 .2%), and Chemicals( 13 .2%).
Rankings and Risks
The Bank of India Small Cap has been ranked number 2 by Crisil and Morningstar has given a 5- star rating The.
portfolio has heavy investments into equities of 94 .6%, with bare minimum investments in cash and no investments in debt.
Also note a large portion is given to construction sector that is extremely volatile. So, please note the investment risk is extremely high.
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By Aditi Murkute Goodreturns source: Dailyhunt