GOBARdhan Scheme- What is GOBARdhan Yojana Announcements in the Budget 2023
GOBARdhan assists rural villages in safely managing their cattle waste, agriculture waste, and organic waste.
It also assists villages in converting waste to wealth, improving environmental sanitation, and reducing vector- borne diseases.
To achieve safe disposal of cattle and organic waste, the Government of India provides technical assistance to each district as well as financial support of up to 50 lakhs per district.
- Help villages manage their cattle waste, agriculture waste, and, in the long run, all organic waste safely.
- Help communities turn their cattle and organic waste into wealth by utilising decentralised systems.
- Promote environmental sanitation and reduce vector- borne diseases in rural areas by disposing of waste properly.
- Convert organic waste, particularly cattle waste, into biogas and fertiliser for rural use.
- Encourage rural entrepreneurship, employment, and income generation.
- Aids in the management of the major solid waste in villages, namely cattle dung, and promotes environmental sanitation.
- Significantly lowers the prevalence of vector- borne diseases and promotes public health - SHGs/ farmer groups are encouraged to seek employment and income generation opportunities.
- Encourages household income and savings by lowering LPG costs through the use of biogas as fuel.
Announcements for Gobardhan Scheme
- GOBARdhan will establish 500 new ' waste to wealth' plants to promote the circular economy.
- At a total investment of ' 10,000 crore, these will include 200 compressed biogas ( CBG) plants, 75 of which will be in urban areas, and 300 community or cluster- based plants.
- All organisations marketing natural and biogas will be subject to a 5 % CBG mandate.
- Appropriate fiscal support will be provided for the collection of bio- mass and distribution of bio- manure.
By Ajeeta Bhatia Goodreturns source: goodreturns.in Dailyhunt