3 Small & Midcap Stocks That Give You A Dividend Yield Of 6% & More
The last few weeks has seen some selling pressure in certain stocks.
This has made some of the stock very attractive, not only in terms of valuations, but, also in terms of dividend yields. Sanofi India
This is a good quality pharma company that tends to declare superlative results.
For the period ending Dec 31, 2021, the company declared a dividend of Rs 490 per share, taking the dividend yields to more than 9 %.
However, there may have been a one- off asset sale, which could have boosted the dividends.
Nonethless, the company keeps declaring dividends of around Rs 350, which takes the yield t 6 .54%.
The one assumption that is always made is that the dividends would be retained.
We believe that nothing is changed as CESC to lower the dividend.
Also, the stocks mentioned in the article are just dividend stocks and not a recommend to buy or sell in any of these stocks.
TV Today Network
The stock of TV Today has declared a whopping dividend of Rs 67 per share for which the book closure has been fixed at Feb 13, 2017.
The company does not tend to declare such high dividends. So, this is a one- off dividend.
However, what we like about the company is that it runs the Aaj Tak, and India Today Television new channels.
Apart from this, when the stock trades ex- dividend it could fall substantially, from the current market price of Rs 287.
The above article is just highlighting stocks with a high dividend yield stocks and is in no way stock recommendations.
The author and Greynium Information would not be responsible for losses based on a decision taken from the article.
By Sunil Fernandes Goodreturns source: goodreturns.in Dailyhunt