Time- Saving Beauty Tips To Get Ready In The Morning
Understand the importance of time management.
We have curated some easy- to- follow beauty hacks that will allow you to get ready quickly and put your finest foot forward to tackle the day ahead!
Stick to Basic Skincare The age- old skincare mantra always works and how.
Simply stick to the basic skincare that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.
Buy products that work in two ways like a moisturizer with SPF essentials.
An eyelash curler that can help give your eyes an instant lift
Apply a Tinted is Lip Balm applying lipstick and lip balm separately, just apply a tinted lip balm.
It will not only add a pop of colour but will keep your lips moisturized too!
Plan Your Outfits in Advance Searching for clothes in your cupboard, especially during the morning, is one common scenario.
It leads to spending an unnecessary amount of time. Instead, plan your outfit in advance, preferably at the night.
It will save time in the morning and allow you to make certain additions like adding a stole or scarf!
Use a Dry Shampoo Having a bad hair day is quite a common situation for most of us.
In case you can't devote time to shampooing your hair, simply use a dry shampoo that helps absorb excess oil and adds volume to the hair!
Use an Easy Way. Just stick to easy hairstyles like a sleek ponytail, bun, or half- tied hair that takes minimal effort and time!
Makeup Sponge for Sleek Finish Once you are done doing the basic makeup, use a makeup sponge to get an airbrushed and flawless look.
Carry the makeup sponge in your mini vanity bag in case you do retouch the makeup during midday! Images: Pexels
By Trupti Palav Boldsky source: boldsky.com Dailyhunt