1: 1 Bonus Issue: Multibagger Stock Under Rs 100 Sets Record Date For Bonus Issue
Small cap stock, Pulz Electronics Limited has fixed record date for 1 : 1 bonus issue.
The stock gave 62% return in last 3- months and 138% return in last 6- months. It has a market capitalisation of Rs 54.08 crore.
Check details below: 1. Pulz Electronics Limited Sets Record Date For Bonus Issue
The company has fixed the record date. company the
2. Pulz Electronics Limited Return & Stock Performance
The last trading price of the stock is Rs 99.20 apiece with 52- week high at Rs 125.00 apiece and 52- week low at Rs 31.10 apiece highlight:, respectively.
The stock gave a return of 62% in last 3- months, 138% return in last 6- months, and 425% highlight: The last trading price of the stock gave apiece and 52- years in last 31.10 apiece.
in last 3- years.
3. About Pulz Electronics Limited
Pulz develops and manufactures audio systems and solutions that capitalize on the emergence of new coaxial technology and line array- based speaker systems for the cinema, pro audio, studio and home audio industries.
Established over 35 years ago as a brand, Pulz manufacturers an array of world class products specifically designed to cater to object based and channel based immersive audio formats, according to its official website.
The stock gives details pertaining to bonus issue and record date.
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