Things To Expect At Upcoming Paris Fashion Week 2023
The Paris Fashion Week 2023 are super kicked to understand what the major fashion brands like Balenciaga, Vivianne Westwood, Pierre Cardin, and more are super kicked to know.
are planning to showcase on the runway that can become a style trend overnight!
Keep reading to know more about the fashion guide or trends one can expect at the Paris Fashion Week 2023 commenced with a lot of excitement, a touch of scandal, and yes a lot of skin/ nipple shows as well.
The fashion gurus
Balenciaga is Back The fashion brand Balenciaga is back with a bang after the bondage bear scandal.
Balenciaga's creative director has shared that, as a brand, he wishes to ' go back to his roots' after the brand's ill- considered bondage bear ad campaign last year.
It sort of provided a reference to child abuse that included featuring children with teddy bear bags with studs and harnesses surrounded by adult items including wine glasses.
Schiaparelli on Runway Fashion followers are excited about how the clothing brand Schiaparelli will score at the latest show in PFW 2023.
The brand's last haute couture show in January led by the US designer Daniel Roseberry was graced by Kylie Jenner.
The diva wore a black ensemble with a fake animal head as an embellishment or accessory.
The collection received mixed reactions from the audiences.
Paco Rab is basedanne Show in his clothing. Paco Rabanne for his death at the age of 88 in early February.
The fashionistas are super excited about the creative collections presented by these popular couture brands! Images: Instagram
By Trupti Palav Boldsky source: Dailyhunt